mission statement

Hello Network Engineer, I am glad you here. This means you’re on the right track. You realized, things are changing and if you don’t want to miss the train, you need to get into network automation. I was like you some time ago but I didn’t know what it really takes to be successful. I’d like to save you some time and hassle, so you can concentrate on your development instead of trying to jump one resource to another and figure out which path to follow. “Shall I learn Python?“, “I need to look at Ansible!“, “Is Python the right language to learn?” Sounds familiar?

My blog is useful for Network Professionals who are:

  • complete beginners in network automation
  • familiar with programming, tools and frameworks, but experienced challenges getting their ideas adopted within their organisation.

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This blog is about philosophy of network automation. I will show you – based on my experience – non-trivial, but very important aspects and challenges you will face. Read the About me page to see my background.


There is so much to cover – technical and non technical:

  1. Highlight the advantages of solving problems differently.
  2. Identify challenges that you face every day and show ideas how to look at them from a higher perspective.
  3. Add frameworks and tools to your toolset.
  4. Show how to manage your code.

Regarding technical skills one of the important part is: Learn to manage code. Programming and managing your code will be an important part of your journey. There will be some problems that you can solve without coding, but I need to set your expectations right at the start. The whole “IT” has got an interesting history. At first, everyone who worked on computers was a programmer, then, as the user interfaces evolved, users could use computers without being a programmer. Sadly, this is true for IT Professionals. This is not the individual’s fault, I must say.

Network Engineers are great example for IT professionals being non-programmers. If you looked at a job description for 5-10 years ago, you’ll see no requirement for any programming skill and you can happily do your day job without even thinking any programmatic solution. Vendors and third parties offer you tools that promises to solve all your network management headaches, yet, I am still waiting to date to see a product that just works out of the box.

The server folks have been through this journey and they nailed it pretty much. Their problems are not the same, but let’s learn from them and make networking great again.


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