thank you for the support, your feedback is amazing

The past week has been the most exciting week of my career. I started my blog about network automation. I had this in mind for a few months, but finally I got the last kick from a colleague and friend. The feedback was truly amazing.

Let me share some stats:

  • 375 visitor from 39 countries
  • 779 page views
  • 27 email subscribers
  • 2 invitations to speak on meetups
  • 3 people asked me to do training on network automation
  • 32 new connections and 12 new followers on LinkedIn
  • 17 people messaging me directly showing their support for the blog

This is for less than a week!

So many people reached out and shared that they were looking for this for such a long time. I am so driven and have over 50 article-ideas to write already – and the list grows every day.

I’ll do my best to share the most useful insight for those who are interested. Your trust in my work is truly fascinating. I’ll do my best to deliver all I’ve planned and provide support and guidance to create the network automation movement!

Please sign up for email alerts so you don’t miss out on new posts. I’ll publish “step one – create a sandbox” in my network automation step by step series next Wednesday.

Feel free to reach out and share what’s on your mind related to network automation.

Till next time…


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