How to find Network Automation jobs?

I bet you heard before something like this: “You won’t find any jobs in five years unless you get into network automation.” (More about that statement in a later post.) So if you’re like me, you’d like to get ahead of the game, thinking, the earlier I start the transition, the better is for my career. You’re likely to look up jobs for Network Automation and then you get confused. Hardly any hits. Where are the jobs then?

I’ve spent some time to research this topic, as finding Network Automation jobs is far from trivial nowadays. Let’s see what I found:

search: network automation

 Website  Location  Hits
 LinkedIn  London, UK  5
 LinkedIn  San Francisco Bay Area, US  26
 LinkedIn  New York, US  19
 Monster  London, UK  11

This is just what’d do if I wanted to find a job. The method is not covering the full market obviously, but shows you that even on popular platforms the hits are very low.  When I looked at them a bit more closely, I found that some of these are not even the jobs I am after.

Let’s see the job titles I’ve found for the jobs relevant to my field.

  • DevOps Network Planner
  • Cloud Engineer
  • WAN Engineer
  • DevOps Engineer
  • Automation Engineer
  • Solutions Consultant
  • Principal Cloud Infrastructure Network Engineer (Devops)
  • Network Automation Engineer

The titles seem different for every job that is related to network automation. This is not very helpful when you’d like to find one for yourself. 

more searches…

I tried a few more. It seems if you using “scripting” or “Python” in the searches, you get better results. For comparison, I added the results the hits for traditional “Network Engineer” positions.

 Website  Location network engineer scripting network engineer Python “network engineer” devops SDN network “network engineer”
 LinkedIn London, UK 21 13 3 47 161
 LinkedIn San Francisco Bay Area, US 76 80 12 189 231
 LinkedIn New York, US 56 40 6 47 217
 Monster London, UK 204 153 8 89  510

The best seems to be using either “Network Engineer scripting/Python” or “SDN” search words.

Any better way?

My personal experience, is that easier to find these opportunities by attending on network technology events, conferences and Hackathons. Contacts made at these events can open up new doors for you if you demonstrate interest and knowledge in this area. This means it’s great if you invest in yourself and learn automation tools and practices before trying to get a job.

Today you have better chances with big companies, who provide services at scale, such as Facebook, Google and service providers. Vendors are also focusing on this, so you may find more jobs at vendors who are trying to shape the network automation culture. These are good opportunities, but be careful and don’t get locked in for vendor specific automation technologies.

What can You do?

Let’s turn this whole thing around! A real Network Automation Engineer looks at things from a different angle. He or she a true ambassador of this culture. They find unconventional solutions to problems. With this logic, if you there is think there are not enough jobs, lets see what can be done to create them. We need to push the transition form the bottom as well, while vendors and companies realise the importance and the win. Watch out for the article about this later.

Someone in the DevOps field said to me:  “One thing you can do is wait and develop yourself in the meantime.”  They have had their lessons in the transition, so I believe when they say the market will change a lot overtime.

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This is still early days for Network Automation on the job market. It’s hard to locate the jobs on online platforms, as there is no specific search word – like DevOps – that is widely adopted. NetOps name seem to miss the point for me or NetDevOps seems too farfetched. Let me know if you can think of a better name for Network Automation job titles!

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Till next time…

ps. the searches I’ve done nowhere near covering the market fully. I am thinking to collaborate with recruiters in the future to collect better data from the market that will allow us to see the trends. Is this something you’d find useful? Please contact me or comment to share your opinion.


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