FREE Ansible Coaching 2017

Update: I closed the application on 1st September. I am in the process of selecting the ‘winners’. I’ll let everyone know about the outcome of their application by 7th September.

Going the extra mile had a great impact on my career and opened new doors for me. Learning new things have been a big part of it. Many people helped me so far and I decided spend some of my time on development of others.

I am starting a one-on-one coaching programme for two Network Engineers to help them get started in Network Automation with Ansible. Read through for more details!

The Programme

My aim is to help you to understand configuration management and learn how Ansible can help you to work smarter. We’re going to meet a couple of times and go through a plan to learn the concepts of Ansible and answer your questions on the way. I’d like to work with individuals who are excellent in Network Engineering, but haven’t yet had the chance to learn about automation, programming or any frameworks.

As I learnt coding before I touched any network device, so I would like to work with Network Engineers who haven’t looked at or written any script before. My personal motivation is to understand how they can learn about Ansible without programming knowledge. This means, I can only accept applications from people with no coding skills this time. I will be there to guide them through the process, but significant amount of self study is expected throughout the programme.

Application deadline: 31st August 2017
Starting date: After 15th September 2017, agreed individually
Location: East/Central London, agreed individually
Duration: 5 bi-weekly sessions

About me, the coach

It is certainly a commitment to complete the programme, so I’d like to introduce myself briefly with a few key points of my career so you can understand my background and decide for yourself if you’d like to work with me.

  • Teaching CCNA level networking as a Cisco Networking Academy Instructor in Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary
  • 1.5 years web development
  • 6 years network engineering experience in enterprise, banking and service provider environments
  • Became CCIE R&S in 2016
  • Delivering provisioning and platform commissioning solutions since the second half of 2016

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  • Be open to embrace a completely new approach
  • Interest in Ansible
  • Must have absolutely no experience in programming at all
  • At least 3 years of experience in Network Engineering
  • 5-6 hours of free time per week
  • Ability and drive to do self study
  • Ability to meet me for an hour long session East/Central London about 5 times until mid-December 2017

If you match the requirements and committed to get into Network Automation with Ansible, fill the form below and to apply today!


I will select two engineers based on their personal motivation. Please note, only engineers with no coding skills are eligible. I’ll notify everyone via email in early September about the results of their application.



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Till next time…


6 thoughts on “FREE Ansible Coaching 2017

  1. Great idea and would love to be part of the training on Ansible. I’ve have 20years of networking experience but with the ever changing environment, I believe I need to start looking and working with automation. This is a great opportunity to grasp a good understanding of such a technology.


  2. Bessenyeicsilla,
    Thanks for the invite and it’s a great idea. I would like to put myself for this program.
    Here are my details.



  3. Bessenyeicsilla, Thanks for the invite. I am very much interested in this program and i am fulfilling all the requirement except one. I am not located in London.
    So still can I apply ?


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