London Network Automation Meetup Group is Here.

About four years ago I came across the website called meetup. I was looking for a computer network related community back then – but no luck. Years went by and I became very enthusiastic about network automation. I visited the website again and could not find anything – again.

This time I said, it’s time to be proactive! …so I created London Network Automation Meetup group.

This is an open group for those who are just starting peeking into this direction, for networkers with novice Python skills and hardcore software engineers with the interest of creating tools for network people. Everyone is welcome to join.

We have a few events planned, but please get in touch if:

  • you’d like to share your thoughts and present
  • you’d like organize events

Watch out for the future events! Thanks for reading.

London Network Automation Meetup

London, GB
55 Members

This is a community of network engineers, who have interest in the new buzz of network automation. Even if you just start out or if you have been writing code to manage you ne…

Check out this Meetup Group →


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