About me

I started coding when I was 13 – for fun. PHP, Javascript, SQL. I was fascinated to see how code transforms to something very useful. After high school I got on the Cisco train and fell in love with networking. During my university degree I was a full stack web developer for a year and a half, I won international networking competitions and became Cisco Academy instructor.

Today I am a CCIE in Routing and Switching. After 4 years spent in Network Engineering I got very tired. I faced the same problems and repetitive tasks every day. I got exposed to the devops world by a very special person and started to understand – there is another way. It took a while to fully embrace it, but now I am sure this is the way forward.

My last year was the most exciting part of my career. The learning curve has been very steep and I am still facing new challenges every day.  I’d love to share what I learnt so far with everyone who is also considering to figure out what the hack network automation is.

My thoughts mainly focus on the approach and what you and your organisation can gain if this approach applied correctly. I am also sharing my transformation: How a “Traditional Network Engineer” needs to change to keep up with the changes in the industry.